Experience makes the difference

The beginning of the firm Walter Kunze & Sohn goes back to the year 1908. Influenced by the 'Niederbergische' locking and ironmongery industries, it became established next as key factory in Velbert. Through contacts with the foundries there, the sales of smelting crucibles next began.

After the end of the Second World War, the business expanded with foundry supplies, and extended in the following years through a multitude of agencies. In the year 1964 Wilhelm Oberem stepped in as partner in the corporation, and became owner after the retirement of Herbert Kunze in the year 1980.

After the conclusion of studies in fondry techniques, Martin Oberem in the year 2000 took over the family business from his father. Today the firm Wakter Kunze & Sohn serves as a dealer in iron and aluminum, as well as nonferrous-metal foundries, in this and foreign countries.